Mirtille will feature fresh, pre-made French-style salads, soups and sandwiches. A typical meal will consist of one of Mirtille's signature bite-sized sandwiches, a medium-sized salad or soup, and a dessert. There will be three types of sandwiches, all sized to offer people a quick, tasty bite: The "Navette," a small milk-enriched "pain au lait" type roll filled with a variety of meats, cheeses, vegetables and spreads; the "Ciabattina," a small ciabatta roll sandwiching layers of sliced cheese, meat, fresh fruit and vegetables; the "Mini-Baguette," a miniature version of the classic french baguette containing a choice selection of meat, cheese and vegetables. Each of these sandwiches will offer people a quick, light meal that is tasty and healthful, something to savor in a casual, relaxed setting while taking a break from one's day. Mirtille customers will also be offered the choice to order on-line or by phone and be delivered directly at home or at their office. A catering service will be available for local business customers who want to enjoy Mirtille foods while having a meeting.
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